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Students will explore modern day slavery and child labor in different locations of the world, consider ways to help stop it, changes they can make to not support child labor through their purchases, and educate their peers on how they can make a change through their shopping choices too. Emphasis on the language we use to persuade others to act and how we can use data and visual texts to share large amounts of information in easy to digest formats.


This set contains a complete MYP unit plan, a customized Padlet full of multimodal texts and resources, a digital student interactive notebook, summative assessments, and more. 


We map all of the global contexts, key and related concepts, tech integration, covering an extensive range of multimodal text types, and service connections into a complete curriculum freeing you up to focus on building the English lessons within this framework to meet your students' needs. The MYP unit planner, texts, and assessments are differentiated for emergent, capable, and proficient students. 

Grade 7/MYP 2 - Unit 3: Sweat & Toil

  • All documents are copyright protected and solely authorized for use by the purchaser. Copyright notifications may not be removed. 

Don't forget to always try asking your campus to reimburse the costs of resources and supplies for your classes! If they request a different format for receipts, contact us and we will try to provide one that complies with the school's requirements. 

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