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Customized Approach

Concept-Based, Inquiry-Driven, & Multi-Modal for Modern Education and Real-World Application

Inject new life into your lessons and curriculum to capture student interest and drive engagement.

I work side by side to help individual educators or campuses develop customized curriculum, plans, tools and resources to engage students in rich learning experiences.

Onsite services are currently only possible in China (until travel becomes easier). Reach out today for Zoom or email consultations!

Consulting Services

Curriculum Design

Let me help you build curriculum, scope, and sequences for MYP Language Acquisition programs. I can braid your local requirements, the MYP requirements, and topics of special interest into a tailored curriculum that meets your needs for MYP 1-6. 

Instructional Coaching

I'm here to support you as you build your capacity and skills in understanding the MYP, concept-based instruction, inquiry-based instruction, PBL, unit planning, and more. Available for short term coaching via Zoom. Currently, onsite sessions are only available in China.

Units & Resource Design

Save time! Let me create individual units that meet your needs and/or collections of resources. I will build custom units for you that include all the resources, reading, graphic organizers, and projects you need to build an engaging learning experience.

Resource Curation

Curating and developing resource collections is one of my favorite hobbies! Let me help you find a wide range of relevant resources and tools to match your units. I will deliver a well rounded set of multi-modal resources for your units that span criterions A-D multimodally.  

Program Development

Do you want to get the most out of service and student driven programs? I can help you build a sustainable framework to create programs that thrive and create unique opportunities for students to engage in local and global opportunities and events.


I am available for feedback sessions by email or on Zoom to give you support and find possible connections or missed opportunities you can leverage, giving you a fresh set of eyes to objectively comb through your curriculum, units, assessments, local requirements, and more.

Areas of Expertise

Cultivating Student Ownership & Agency

Language Curriculum Design Rooted in Inquiry
Student-Driven Inquiry
Units & Lesson Design
Project-Based Learning

Melding Service Learning into Units & Curriculum
Developing Student Relationships
Concept-Based Instruction
Service Clubs for Students

Deep Dives into the UN SDGs

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Contact me

Message to schedule consulting services and for individual quotes based on your needs.

Complete the form to send me a message, or reach out through the links below.


Thanks for reaching out!

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