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Loads of multimodal resources for touring the 7 continents and learning about countries that students do not often hear about. 

Sets contain virtual field trips, stories, STEM activities, art activities, writing prompts, recipes, and more. 

Tour the 7 Continents

  • Zip file contains all 7 tours in PDF format with active links. For access to the Google Slides, visit and select Virtual Camps from the menu. All virtual camps are available in 3 different versions (for Early Years, Primary, Middle/High) on their site.

    While you're there, check out their 1000s of free resources for every content area and grade level!

Don't forget to always try asking your campus to reimburse the costs of resources and supplies for your classes! If they request a different format for receipts, contact us and we will try to provide one that complies with the school's requirements. 

Caffeine helps me stay up and create free (or nearly) resources. Help me keep my java levels up so I don't get caught sleeping in class. :)

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