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Michelle Overman


I love to dive. Whether it is out of a plane, off a boat, into new cultures and lands, far into the unknown, or deep into inquiry and projects, I am always ready to take a leap! 

About me

I am a passionate educator with years of experience teaching in IB schools in China and Thailand after several years working for public schools in Texas as a Teach for America alum. I have primarily taught IB MYP English Language Acquisition for MYP 1-5. I have also co-taught MYP Individuals & Societies, Design, and Biology. Over the years I have collaborated with educators across the MYP curriculum to develop units and lessons and developed a passion for creating resources to make teacher life easier in any way I can. 

The resources available here are from my classes and I continue to expand them each year. I strongly believe in Service as Action programs and work to braid service into the curriculum over the years to encourage students to connect their skills and talents to ways in which they can support their local, national, and global communities.


I hope you find many tools here to support your classes. If there is anything you're looking for that you cannot find, reach out to me by email and I'll do my best to help. I am still in the process of converting hundreds of resources to upload, so I may already have what you need.

Contact me to design curriculum and custom resources or units for your campus to fit your curriculum and contexts. 

I am also proud to volunteer my time working as a:

  • TeachSDGs Ambassador

  • Climate Action Project Facilitator

  • WiseWire Curriculum Advisory Board member

  • Global Educator Collective, Founding Admin team

Thanks for visiting the Ozone!


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